Still unloved, unwanted! #MondayMusings

On my commute to and from office, its the FM that keeps me company. While I try and navigate the many twists and turns of the famed Bengaluru traffic, the songs, the RJ’s chit chats, the topics that they bring up, leave me happy/amused/thoughtful/inspired…

Of late, one topic that has caught my attention is the campaign against female foeticide! I started wondering if we are still in an age when this is prevalent 😐 I clearly recall that there were such campaigns when I was still a school going kid! To think that we still need such campaigns made me realize how deep seated the prejudice still is 😦

It really is hard to believe for a person raised/growing up in a urban cosmopolitan milieu that such things are still practised. But I was in for a shock when one of my friends brought this up (in a completely different conversation) and told me how this is quite common and is still widely practised in her community and village 😐 ,which seems to suggest that it might be the same in many rural/non-urban communties across the country…

While I’d been wondering about this prejudice against girl child and hearing /watching the ads almost imploring the people to give equal opportunities to the girl child, there was this other perspective that I heard. The campaigns can do only so much but the ground realities – law enforcement and other infrastructure that is required for enforcing or implementing the ‘beti bachao’ campaign may not be adequate to go hand in hand with the campaigning and hence the effectiveness of the whole endeavour may not be not as much as it should have been.

Sad state of affairs indeed…

“Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action –
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

Hoping and praying…




2 thoughts on “Still unloved, unwanted! #MondayMusings

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  1. This is a sad state indeed. The change required is in the mindset and in the root causes attached to it – dowry etc..
    How many people around us have changed? How many women in urban set-up itself have questioned when their parents spent lavishly on the weddings and the other side just enjoyed the festivities?

    Law and enforcement to shove down rules – yes, but when will every person start owning up and be the change?

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