Kahani mein twist ;) #SundaySnippet

Sunday’s are for catching up with family.. sisters come over for lunch and we generally relax afterwards with some movie or TV shows. Today was no different, except that we did go out for a bit to do some shopping too.

Basically, not much done and not great motivation or time left to write, but I have to post! Its blog marathon month for me!! So, leaving you with this one, which I thought was quite amusing when I saw it in Soweto…

I’d never seen it before and was kind of amused …
Turned the corner and saw this!! An ad for Disprin !!

Wondering what this had to do with my day? Well, I was almost getting a headache with so many voices talking and then the cricket match and the excitement around it!! Reminded me of this ad 😀

Hope you all had a great weekend! Cheers!! 🙂


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