Forever love! #DanceLove

Saturdays are all about dance..mostly πŸ™‚

A lot of things have changed over the years but thankfully my love for dance has not diminished. In spite of all the obstacles of health issues and time constraints due to so many other things including lazyiness, I’ve had the discipline to continue and keep myself on track more or less.Β 

I can now feel the difference the years have made to my dance. I had come to understand that grace is an after effect of disciplined practise, but also realized that to attain a certain amount of grace, I need much more discipline and practise 😐

I have done ok in 2019, but hope to do much better in the coming year. The target is to fully internalise the Varnam, an item that I had started learning in the beggining of 2018! It is the lengthiest peice that I’ve attempted so far and I’ve managed to memorise all the different bits. Challenge is to be able to perform it at one stretch (around 20 minutes only) , without feeling out of breath. Well, the last bit is the biggest challenge and I totally want to nail it by working on building up my energy levels! Hoping 2020 will be the year!!

Sing like no one’s listening and dance like nobody’s watching goes the saying, but clearly I’ve not been able to shed that feeling of self consciousness yet. My guru says, the inner me is yet to come out and show herself and I totally get what she is saying. The key again lies in practise, practise, practise and, stamina for practise!

In the meantime, we’ve also worked on 2 more items in this year… a thillana item that is almost done and the other is the Dashavataram which still needs a lot more practise and coordination.. both being perfomed in groups. The challenge that we face here is that all of us are working and, moms (except for one). Also, not everyone is available at all times due to family concerns, work related concerns, vacation plans, kids exams and other activities and so on! Hoping that we’ll sync up together much better in the coming year.

We have a dance programme planned for sometime in March 2020. The prospect of a stage performance makes us all commit ourselves harder… we’re so looking forward to it! Really wishing and praying that we practise well and give a much better performance this time around. Send us your good thoughts and wishes please πŸ™‚

P.S: Our last performance was in Nov 2018. It was super special coz almost every member of the family was involved!! Me, sis2, Ammu and Adi were persofming. Sis1 was the MC and BIL1 was the designated photographer πŸ™‚ Last but not the least, dad and our househelp D were in the audience,cheering us on. Ammu, Adi and sis2 have discontinued the dance classes for various reasons and looks like this time it will be just me on the stage and rest of them in the audience…



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