Tips to embark, and stay, on your saree journey! #SareeLove

Some of my friends, who I bump into ocassionally, ask me if I’m still continuing with the 100 saree pact! I feel amused and also happy that they remember about my love for sarees πŸ™‚

The saree pact happened in the year 2015 and was a huge thing on social media.Though the goal of the pact was to wear a 100 sarees in a year, I managed to do 50, given that I started the count only in July of that year. If you want to know what the 100 saree pact is, go here and check it out..

Today’s post, however, is not about my saree journey. Go here if you are curious to read more about my saree story πŸ™‚
This post is for those of you who love sarees and are looking to start off on your own saree journey! So, here are a few pointers to start off on your own saree jouney and, to stay on course πŸ™‚

  • If you love sarees but dont have any, go buy one that you would like to wear on a regular day. Better still, borrow a saree from a fellow saree lover if possible and drape it. Feel the love πŸ™‚Β Not suggesting that you go shop immediately, but plan for buying one whenever your next shopping happens πŸ™‚
  • Look at the sarees that you currently have and see which ones can be worn on a regular day to work/or to anywhere. Get them ready to wear.
  • If you have a couple of sarees that are ready to wear , start by wearing them. Do not wait until you have a sizeable collection.
  • Make do with the blouses that you have. Do not wait for them to be perfect. Yep! my blouses are far from perfect and i wear them and make the most of whatever is..other hardly notice the flaws in the blouse that we do πŸ˜›
  • Experiment with tops/crop tops, t-shirts, short kurtis. Pair these with sarees that you already have and create your own signature look! If you’re unsure go to Instagram and you’ll see a whole lot of folks showcasing their saree love and unsual styles. You’re sure to find inspiration.Β 
  • Don’t despair if you dont know where to shop for sarees. Visit craft fairs/handloom exhibitions that are organised in your city/town. These places usually have varied collections and you are sure to find sarees or materials that you would like.
  • Slowly add to your collection. Be intentional and make it a habit to include saree purchase in your clothes shopping.. best times are the festive shopping times when you are sure to find lots of different collections!
  • Dont hesitate to repeat your sarees. If possible try a different blouse or top and accessorize it differently to give the same saree a whole new look!!
  • Join a saree community if you are on social media. Its helps you to stay inspired and to also encourage and inspire the others around you.
  • Try exchanging sarees with fellow saree lovers. I’ve seen folks doing it across borders, across continents too !!
  • Last but not the least – make a commitment to yourself to wear saree on a regular basis. Start off with a frequency of once a month or once in 2 weeks…once in a quarter…whatever works! But do it and keep at it. Then gradually inscrease the frequency and the rest will follow πŸ™‚
  • One more – most importantly, do not get bogged down by the fact that there are not many or any around you who wear saree, or by the clothes culture in your own circles. Be brave enough to be different!

A saree post cannot be complete without a saree pic right πŸ˜€ Here is a pic of one of our prized ones..

A deep purple silk saree with colourful kantha work! This was a beauty that we loved at first sight and could not let go of !!

If you are a saree lover too, please feel free to share tips that have helped you. Would love to know!

P.S: Friends who see me in a saree every week probably wonder why I dont repeat my sarees. Well, I love many of my sarees and repeat a lot of them. But since we also keep on buying new ones during festivals, I always have some new ones too! And, not to forget, its a collection from over 20 years!! Mine and my sisters’ put together πŸ˜€ See what I mean when I say add to your collection!

2 thoughts on “Tips to embark, and stay, on your saree journey! #SareeLove

Add yours

  1. Love this love for saris πŸ’—πŸ€—
    Excellent tips too…
    For me my big problem is blouses which can damp my enthusiasm to wear a sari…
    Off late I am trying non matching blouses too and they look good!


    1. Thanks Uma πŸ™‚ πŸ€—
      Blouses are most often the biggest problem.. like you said, non matching/mix and match also works well..just need to unblock our minds from finding perfectly matched blouses πŸ˜€ i also struggle with this many times..


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