My New Hobby! #LoveForHandmade

This was the year that I finally got onto my jewellery making! πŸ˜€

The desire to make accessories had been there since quite some time. Whenever I saw a pic of handmade jewellery, I would think even I want to create something. And eventually it led me to finding the tools and getting the base materials to be able to make something. Thanks to the world wide web, I had access not only to find the stuff but also to find some guidance and tips.

Some of the neck pieces that I made…


I did it on a very small scale.. as a hobby for myself and family, but that made me realise the amount of work that goes into sourcing and then actually making anything. I’ve always loved handmade stuff and making it myself gave me a truly wider perspective of the effort involved.

The first one that I made.. incidentally matched so well with a handloom saree that I was gifted later..



7 thoughts on “My New Hobby! #LoveForHandmade

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  1. Wow Priya! You have done it so well…its all the passion!
    Btw…you have your life sorted out once you retire from this job πŸ˜ƒπŸ€£ Jokes apart…really love the designs!

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