Ammu :)

Like I mentioned yesterday, the blog is my journal especially for jotting down mommy moments and anecdotes for posterity. The kids have now grown up.. and like most parents I had started focussing more on the challenges than the funny, witty and beautiful aspects of their teen phase. Not that I’ve not been cognizant of the beauty, but it just didnt translate into writing coz all the energy was spent in trying to figure this out.. this whole teen parenting stuff!! Time to change that I suppose 🙂

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the maturity Ammu has developed. She has been a pampered child always and gets away with not doing chores or with getting her way on most days either by outright refusal or by displaying puppy faced innocence 🙂 She has a mind of her own and is least bit hesitant to show it irrespective of place or time! For me, this is a source of extreme frustration but at the same time I cant help but be amazed by her clarity of mind… to know what she wants and to stick by it no matter what. A state that me or my sisters have not been able to quite achieve.

Wishing that she remain’s the same.. while also hoping she will be able to strike the right balance between her own needs and being kind /mindful of others around her.

She is an amazing friend and folks love to be around her! I was the total opposite.. having just a couple of steady friends in every phase of life. Seeing her exhuberant and joyous connections I almost feel a kind of jealousy 😀 Its not only the fun that counts but the fact that she is deeply caring and inclusive in her outlook. She is a person of strong likes and dislikes. If you happen to be in her circle she will stand by you no matter what! and will try to protect and lift you up fiercely, even to the point of being overbearing !! 

She is a fashionista and has a great sense of style! its in the genes I think 😉 Jokes apart.. she is the go to person for reco on what to wear and what hair style, accessories, make up go with it! Friends, family, including our househelp and her daughters swear by what she recommends!! I am a zero make up person and she just the opposite. She not only loves make up but aspires to become a make up artist someday!!

I’ve just outlined some of the stuff that make her.. I wish I could write down the exact anecdotes .. but there are so many and my memory wont serve me correctly, having missed writing it all down earlier. I wish she would do better in a lot of other aspects. I wish I could articulate all this in a much better manner. But, for now,  I’m telling myself to be content at this moment.. both, for the person that she is and for what I’ve been able to jot down here 🙂

Grateful and praying.

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  1. Big hugs to Ammu for such clarity of thoughts…
    Kids these days amaze me with such clarity. They know what to do when I will be fumbling with options.
    Also…some credit to mommy for doing a great job 👏


    1. Hugs Uma. Knew you could relate well to this 🙂
      As for me, a lot of the times I wonder if I’m doing it right..feels good when credited with doing it well 😀 Thank you! ❤

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      1. Of course…from our point of view, we have done a good job Priya! It cannot match with everyone’s expectations of parenting! So be proud…be happy 🤗


          1. Yeah…true! Then I take it as a parenting lesson and move on…
            Sometimes I learn different lessons with different children for same situation!


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