Sunday matinee!

The kids love the movie Chalti ka naam gaadi !! Yes.. a movie from the black and white era!! Its a feat I achieved recently. I say feat, because, to get the kids these days to love anything from our times is an achievement, let alone from the black and white times.. right? 🙂

A few months ago, I started the weekly ritual of viewing old Hindi movies with the whole family, kids included. After a nice heavy meal on Sunday afternoons, its perfect time for a nap. But we dont prefer that as we do not want to end up having a sleepless Sunday night and wake up to a tired Monday morning. And each one gets busy checking phone or wondering what else to do!

I am always interested in watching old movies and thought why not include the whole family in this activity. Sisters and BIL liked the idea instantly. The kids were really wary of it, though. We would select old classics, mostly light simple ones starring Amol Palekar, Farooq Sheikh and the like.. you get the drift right? And we quite enjoyed them. Ammu would stay through some of them but Adi would mostly get restless and then go off to play.

So imagine the scene, when one Sunday afternoon, i suggested that we watch Chalti ka Naam Gaadi, a black and white movie!! Sisters were also a bit skeptical but were ok when I assured them that its a fun movie. TBH, I had forgotten most part of the story but remembered that it was quite hilarious. The kids were not very inclined to watch a black and white movie. But somehow ended up sitting with us. Adi’s friends didnt turn up and he had to stay put. Ammu didnt have anything else to do and perhaps thought she should see if she likes it..

As the movie progressed though, all of us were in splits. The two of them more so 😀 They sat through the whole movie and at the end of it, declared that its the best movie ever!!! A feat to be noted and cherished, isnt it?  😉

So, the Sunday afternoon movie ritual continues.. with movies old and not so old.. We miss out on it sometimes due to some chores to be done. But mostly, manage to catch up on some movie, making it a lovely family time. Reminds me of the Sunday evening movie time during Doordarshan days 🙂

P.S: For the record, 2 other movies that the kids love – Sholay and Amar Akbar Anthony. Chotu fans of the Big B I would say 🙂

Any such family rituals you follow? Do share…

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  1. Chalti ka naam gaadi is one of my favourite films. Good you reminded me to share it with the children. They have watched Sholay and loved it so much that we got the CD. Where did you watch Chalti ka naam gaadi? On Youtube? I wonder if the children will sit through a B/W film.


    1. Hey OM 🙂 Yes.. we watched that one on YouTube! I’m sure they’ll love it if they are already fans of movies like Sholay 🙂 I believe your twins are the same age as Adi..


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