Change is the only constant..

Change happens ever so subtly. We do not feel there is a great deal of movement from day to day. But when we look back over the years there’s so much that would have changed. It takes us by surprise , the cumulative change!

Like, the daughter is all grown up now! well.. almost. Point is, she is not that lil girl anymore, though there are glimpses of her now and then šŸ™‚ The boy is grown up too. Not so much by age but by experience. The experience of being around an older sibling and older friends does that to you..isnt it!

Sometimes though, change comes with a bang. When you are not actively thinking about it. Nor are doing something to effect change. Such instances are overwhelming and forces us to think. And then , as if by magic, if you are mindful and the perceiving sort, you realize that there were already little signs along the way. And that seems to have a calming effect on you. Makes you more accepting of change. You know that resistance is futile anyway and that sets you going..

Looking forward with curiosity and a bit.. just a wee bit of anxiety to this next phase , which is not all new but new nevertheless šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Change is the only constant..

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  1. Just the kind of post that makes someone (like me) reallllllllllly curious about what the change is šŸ˜›

    Whatever it be, I hope you welcome it with a soaring heart, smiling face and open arms!


    1. Heyy! so glad to see you here šŸ™‚ Thank you for the wishes !!
      And here’s the answer to your curiosity ..
      Current client that I work with here wants to absorb us into the company.. then there’s a new project after 2.5 yrs on the current one.. daughter is in her teens and thats kinda huge.. i keep reminding me to calm down šŸ˜€

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