Ammu wants to be a modelist! *thats a word she coined*… and loves Paris. Thats one place she wants to visit!! We had casually asked her which place she likes and would want to visit, and she’d answered Paris. Though she was undecided at first, she chose Paris as the place she loves and wants to visit!! She didnt say why.

Recently, on prodding further, she said she loves the Eiffel tower and thats why she wants to visit Paris. Thats when I recollected that during Diwali or one of the festivals, a Eiffel tower replica was installed at one of the malls here and she ‘d loved it!

At first i’d wondered if her interest in Paris was due to her modelist ambition. But I dont think we ever spoke about fashion, models, and Paris!

Anyway, this has kind of caught on and we cant help but pick up stuff that oozes Paris 🙂

A fridge magnet that I picked up at the Monsoon Collective by A Hundred Hands.


A purse that sis insisted on buying for Ammu… at a flea market last weekend! Love for Pink, Purses and Paris… all in one! 🙂


PS: this post is way too late for P at ABC Wednesdays, but it was all there in my mind and I just had to put to down here… I’m glad I’m still writing little bits about the kids here, thanks to this meme…