Well.. that’s the term coined by dad to describe Ammu 🙂

I’ve always been amazed by the fact that Ammu is so very devoted to me! It also perplexes and frightens me sometimes..the intensity with which she celebrates me, celebrates her time with me!! Especially fascinating when she declares that she wants to be with me always.. All.The.Time!

She has many friends and thoroughly enjoys her time with them. But keeps on repeating that she would rather be with me all the time!

She says she just wants to go back into my tummy!! I’ve never heard of any other child saying this 🙂 And, we joke about how it would make me appear , now that her height is about 3/4th of mine..

She always sits beside me, almost presses against me, irrespective of the amount of space available in the room! The joke then is ‘shall we get some fevicol??’ 😀

She loves to climb onto me.. even now!! Each morning she wants me to pick her up from bed and carry her till the bathroom 🙂 Makes me think of the Kangaroo and the baby in its pouch!

She is my most ardent admirer … Be it the food I cook, the clothes i wear, the art work I make…I love the way she expresses her admiration,openly and whole heartedly. Same holds good for cticism too. She is my biggest critic, though the smallest in age/size 😀

Study, play, activities… she always wants me around and wouldnt take help from dad or anyone, or agreed very reluctantly if I insist and thats why the term originated 🙂

Some lil things that are the biggest things in my life right now! I want to remember this and cherish it all for as long as it lasts 🙂

P.S: This post was written for the letter M at ABC Wednesdays. But missed posting due to connectivity problems at my place during the weekend…