Fun, Family, Friends, Faith … the ‘F’ words that I heart !!

Family and faith have been my greatest strengths in life. I cannot stress enough about the importance of a supportive family. One which nourishes you… helps you grow and evolve into yourself.. one which respects and loves you for what you areΒ .. I feel truly blessed to be born into such a family.

Family has seen me through all my ups and downs…has been the sponge/cushion that has absorbed all that I’ve hurled at it during my darkest days and gave me back the strength, the confidence that I needed …to get myself back up from the dumps!.. indeed to spring back to life!!

My faith in my family and in the supreme power is what keeps me going. The bond with family has, over the years, transformed into a beautiful one…that of an everlasting friendship! We spend a lot of time with each other … out of necessity and habit… but more for the kinship that we provide each other.

Fun times are mostly family times. Festivals, birthdays, outings… nothing is complete without the whole family getting together!! Feel blessed and ever grateful. πŸ™‚

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