Well… thats what happened this past week. The right words just eluded me!! and I was left with nothing for the letter E at ABC Wednesdays 😐

I’ve been wrapped up in lots of happenings all at once .. Ammu was unwell, sister’s pain got worse to the extent we had to rush to the hospital at midnight on Friday. Got her admitted on Saturday after finally deciding on surgery as the pain became really unbearable for her. And also our house help is away due to an emergency at her home! That left me in quite an unenviable position 😦

Probably that was why the thoughts just came and went but the right words did not.Β Even in the midst of chaos I tried to think of something to write! Emergency, Enthusiasm, Energy, Empathy, Emotions… a whole lot of E words but nothing that quite stayed with me! Then I settled for Elegance and started writing something… somehow, that also didn’t feel quite right…

Alternatively, I tried to think of a pic that I could use for E , but drew up a blank there as well!

I did not give up though… but alas time’s up!! And then it hit me… the right E word that describes it all πŸ™‚ So Elude it is for me this past week!!

I cannot link it now since the collection is closed but I’m glad I wrote this πŸ™‚