I’m in a state now where I want to hold this the most…

Time and again, when in a state of despair… agitating over something, I often realize that the need of the moment is ‘Acceptance’. Acceptance of the situation… Acceptance of the nature of the person(s) involved… Acceptance of my own shortcomings and limitations…

Yes…acceptance is the key that delivers me from my misery and gives me relief!! Momentary relief sometimes.. just long enough to hold myself from spiraling and cascading down a gloomy path. Quite long lasting at other times!!


Most often, we approach people and situations from a point of resistance, which creates a lot of unpleasantness. Transforming from resistance to acceptance is not something that happens instantly. It requires us to pay attention, to become aware and to live mindfully. When we consciously adopt mindfulness in our daily lives, we come to acceptance more fully and in a state to actually receive the benefits of acceptance.

Acceptance is the first step to bring in any change that may be required in order to elevate the quality of life !! However, it is important to remember that acceptance is not a one time thing. The effort needs to be made consciously again and again… could be with the same people but in varied situations… or with similar situations especially when we repeat our follies time and again… 🙂

Here’s a reminder and an affirmation that is helping me tread my way… with self care and awareness…


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