Life’s pleasant surprises!!

Few years ago, I had written a post about the things that I wanted to do/learn. However, there are a couple of things that I had not listed in there. I was perhaps sure that I would never take it up and hence I’d given them a miss. But wonder of wonders… these also materialized and in quite unexpected ways.

One is yoga. I have always been a art/book loving person. Had very limited physical activity except for household chores. But, as I inched towards completion of 4 decades of life, I started thinking about physical exercise. For flexibility and mobility, esp since I had gone through the pain of arthritis and become temporarily immobile at an young age. However, I was never for going to a gym as it did not appeal to me. I somehow felt yoga would be the best option, but did not know when and where I could learn it. So, I started doing simple floor exercises that we were taught in school. That, along with dance, helped me feel active and in charge.

Last year, around this time, our HR proposed yoga classes at office. I enrolled at once, without any 2nd thought. 3 times a week, for an hour each. There were a lot of people who enrolled initially. But the number came down gradually. The instructor changed, tougher asanas were taught. Some stopped due to work pressure, others due to different priorities. However, a few of us have kept at it steadfastly barring few days when we have deadlines to meet or illness and such. I have taught sis also and she does it whenever she can find time and the energy. Hope to continue doing yoga… for as long as possible.

The other thing is music. I always felt that it would be wonderful to learn to play an instrument. Singing/vocals was out of question as my throat went for a toss after prolonged medications. Or so I think. Anyway, even learning instrumental music was kind of far fetched. I imagined Ammu would learn to play the keyboard someday and maybe I could pick a lil bit from her. Keyboard.. because  we had one at home.

Around mid 2014, a music school was started in the area that we live in. Even before it opened, it was decided that Adi would learn to play the drums and Ammu, the keyboard. BIL also joined for Guitar! It was such a pleasure to see them practice their lessons. Especially BIL. The kids, I rarely got a chance to see them play. I was impressed by the Guitar … I had always loved it, but now, to see BIL play it, was something else altogether!! He loved practicing and was enthu about learning new stuff quickly.

One fine day in Jan 2015, all of a sudden, Sis2 declared that she too wanted to join Guitar classes. And as if there were some unwritten law/rule, she decided i’m going with her. I had prodded her to join Bharathnatyam classes and so now it was her right to enroll me to Guitar classes, she said. I could not refuse! No way!! Esp since it is so close by and does not involve commuting hassles. Kids are excited too. Ammu more so… she is happiest that I will accompany her to music classes also. I am still amazed at the way it all played out. So, we are now a few weeks old at the Guitar classes. Initially, it is painful…the finger tips hurt and skin becomes roughened. It feels as though the hand is too small to play Guitar and then there is the problem of flexibility of the fingers and limited movements. It still feels that way. But we are definitely improving and believe that we can get it with practice.

Sis now says we should target learning Vocals next year! We are also in the process of prodding Ammu to give it a try. She has been refusing consistently but loves to sing along when her favourite numbers play. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Maybe she’ll relent some day 🙂 We do not want to push her into anything that she does not like or is not interested. But, we definitely want her to try and then decide whether to take it up or not. Lets see how this goes. until then, I’m prepared to be amazed, to see magical things happening, to believe that nothing is impossible!! Feeling blessed and grateful.


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