Water! here we come !! :)

Sometimes.. when things happen they seem to happen at just the right time. Makes me look at the big picture and realize the interconnectedness of all the events in our life!

I have been wanting to learn swimming.. from like forever. Past couple of years, we’ve been getting some pamphlets related to swimming camps.. near our area but somehow haven’t been able to make it. Couple of times it was because we were unable to connect with that person who would provide information and at others due to ill health of the kid(s).. and the season would be over in the blink of an eye, so to say.

This year, me and sis2 kept talking about achieving the ‘swimmimg’ target, right from day 1. Sis 2 had wanted to learn when she was in high school but we had not allowed it, owing to our own fears and insecurities.

Last year the goal had been ‘driving’ and all 3 of us successfully did it! This year… it had to be ‘swimming’. However, only two of us were rooting for it. But, the universe had a very different plan!!

Sis 1 had a health complication involving the spinal cord and was advised surgery.On second opinion she was given an option to take an epidural injection and little rest followed by continuos practice of yoga and swimming.. every single day.. for at least the next 3 years. Of course, she preferred swimming and yoga over surgery!

This was an added impetus, for finding out about the swimming classes. Never in her life had she given a thought to swimming and now she was left with no other choice. Though she was undergoing a lot of pain.. Sis2 and me were happy for the fact that she had this option and need not go the surgery route. And also we were secretly happy that Sis1 too would now learn swimming. It totally felt as if the whole universe conspired to make this happen.

This last weekend, we registered for the class and shopped for swimming gear. And, off we went on Monday. Sis2, Ammu, Adi and me in the morning.. and Sis 1 in the evening batch as she needs to go early to work and cant make it in the morning. It is exciting as well as scary at times.

After the intitial excitement on day 1, came the scare on the 2nd day and Ammu resolutely said that she did not want to learn swimming. Come day 3 and we pepped her up a bit and she seemed willing to give it a go! Today… on the 5th day she’s more excited than scared. Adi is the enthusiatic one as always and wouldnt give up even though he was scared. Today, they were made to jump into the pool, kick their legs and move their hands. A bit of hesitation is there but they now know that it is possible. They’re excited and raring to go. We seem to have crossed past the first hurdle for the kids.

As for the 2 of us adults, we are getting there slowly and steadily. Seeing us just float holding the bar or close to it, the chief instructor joked that we would need to renew subscription for a 2nd time. He instructed the coach to help us with the floating bit. We were scared and didnt know how we could let go of the bar! However, with his help and with floaters, we were able to float and kind of swim for a short distance. We imagined we would get a proper hang of this and do more practice tomorrow. But the coach did not let us go and by the end of today’s session we were able to go a small distance without any support. All this, of course, in the shallow parts of the pool. Thrilled to bits, I did not want to come out of the pool!! 🙂 Keeping fingers crossed.

Coming to the interconnectedness bit, the sequence of events goes like this… dance, driving, yoga and now swimming. Each one made me more flexible, made my body more flexible and aware. Driving is crucial..in that, to commute to any place in B’lore without dependencies, is a boon. We start around 6.30 in the morning and are back home by 9. This wouldnt be possible if we did not have our own means of transport. Now, swimmimg requires me to have more strength. Which I’m sure I’ll develop as I go on. Feeling awesome… and blessed. Grateful for everything.

Hoping and praying that this activity will help heal Sis1. She’s become aware of the need to give time to herself. That it came in such a fashion was like a bolt from the blue!! Probably some lessons are delivered in a way that is effective for the individual. Again..keeping fingers crossed. 🙂

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  1. Swimming is great fun ☺ enjoyed doing it when we were kids, but now I wonder if I even remember it ☺ keep it up! It is a great form of exercise ☺


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