Diwali 2014

Diwali, this year, was quite low key.. as far as my energy or enthu to do anything was concerned. For some reason I grew very lethargic!! Lazied most of the time during the 4-5 days. Somehow managed to go out and make the necessary purchases… veggies, flowers, fruits, diyas. BIL had bought the crackers.. the quantity was markedly lesser than previous years.. in a consciuos effort to cut down and gradually stop …

Saving grace was Ammu! Her enthu was high and she was as excited as ever to wear new clothes n dress up. She’s almost become a pro.. gets ready with no or minimal help from us ..

Also, she was the one who reminded that we need to make rangolis!! Yep.. for some reason i’d quite forgotten abt that .. I made simple rangolis and she coloured them .. all by herself!! What a blessing πŸ™‚ Her enthu rubbed off on me and we were happy to do something together..
When i complained that she should have helped me with the diyas.. she says ‘ Maa, i will learn one by one.. this year i helped with rangoli.. next year i will help with the diyas also :)”

And Adi.. as usual the hyper excited one… with only one agenda… play with firecrackers! And wait..one more… to eat, eat n eat!! πŸ˜€ He’s the one who enjoyed all the sweets and savouries to the fullest. πŸ™‚



Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali!!

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