Tiny Tidbits!

After a long time… another edition of tidbits!!

Adi *en route to Shimoga*: Look so many mangoes on the trees. Wish we could get them!! We should go to the shop and buy one bow and arrow.

BIL1: Why do you need to do that much? You can just go and buy mangoes!

Adi : But there is no fun in buying mangoes. Hunting them will be so much fun !! 😀


Adi *On our way on Saturday evening*: These roads are making us dance!!
Always had complaints about the roads in Bangalore. Now.. not sure if this dancing is good or bad 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tiny Tidbits!

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  1. 🙂 he he he he yes Hunting them .. reminded me of the HUNT for the mangoes in the hot sunny afternoon especially when grand parents were sleeping and us climbing those trees to grab some

    and then the gardener shouting .. let them get ripe at least 🙂


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