Tirthahalli trip!

It was a long time since we had taken a proper break and I was itching to go somewhere, away from the bustle and just relax. Just when I was in such a mood, my friend told me about her trip to Tirthahalli. She told me that they stayed in a home stay and had a good relaxing time. It sounded quite interesting and I made up my mind that our next destination should be Tirthahalli.

I convinced the others and accommodation was promptly booked in the home stay. The vacation was due during the long weekend of May 1 to May 4. As the mercury rose in Bangalore and other parts, I kept checking the weather in Tirthahalli. It was not any better. But there was a forecast of rains and I was hoping that there would be at least some respite from the heat.

D day arrived and we excitedly began our journey. However, we secretly and sometimes not so secretly dreaded how we would manage with both Ammu n Adi during the journey. This time it was only BIL1, we sisters and the kids and we’d decided to go in a single car.Luckily, the journey was done without too much of a hassle. Ammu had brought along a couple of books and a small pocket book to sketch, which kept her occupied. We took turns holding Adi. Surprisingly, Adi co-operated and we made the journey quite peacefully and in good spirits.

As an added bonus, we were treated to the most beautiful colours of Summer! The avenue trees were in full bloom and we feasted our eyes on the beauties! Of course the glorious Gulmohurs take the cake!!Yes.. a whole post dedicated to Gulmohurs.. Do click the link to view the pics..!! We had least expected this and it made us very glad in spite of the heat 🙂

We took almost 8 hours to reach the destination. We were tired and hungry by the time we reached. But the venue and its surroundings refreshed and cheered us up. Our host suggested that we have our lunch first and then go about getting settled or exploring some nearby tourist spot. We were in no mood to hurry things up. We had a nice lunch and decided to relax for a while. Not too keen on going out sight seeing, we decided to take a walk nearby, as suggested by the host. Luckily for us, it started drizzling and then it rained for sometime. We just sat outside the home, sipping tea, enjoying the scenery, the rain, the kids’ excitement. A perfect evening it was !!


Once the rain stopped, we went around the homestay. Sis and Ammu took to basketball, while Adi enjoyed riding the bicycle.

Swing – the eternal favourite!! Isnt it gorgeous 🙂
One of the cottages..


A highlight of the trip was that we had the honour of being befriended by a cute lil girl, our host’s daughter. Apparently, she rarely ever went to the guests and even if she did, it would be brief. In our case, she was totally excited to be konjified /pampered by Ammu n Adi, and also us!! She stayed with us the whole time that we were in the premises. Our host was surprised and also thankful for the respite she got from her daughter’s constant demands 🙂

Here.. Sis1 intently listening to her cute, innocence filled chatter !!
Ammu trying her hand at basketball !! Super excited 🙂
Adi.. with the lil one for company!

Later we went for a , just outside the property. On a curving road, in the midst of trees!! The sun was setting or had probably just set and we decided not to venture too far. In fact, when we turned around we could no longer see the house and were quite eager to get back quickly!


We had just been relaxing after coming back from the walk when we were asked to join at the bonfire!! Yes.. bonfire in the Summer! We were quite perplexed. But once we were out in the open , the air felt quite chill. And we actually enjoyed sitting around the bonfire. There, out in the open, under the sky… chatting…it was a nice experience. It was a first for the kids and they were intrigued by the whole thing.

Dancing around the bonfire 🙂

We were served soup and starters. And also some varieties of home made wine for tasting. Once the other guests retired to their rooms, we had fun dancing around the bonfire.  Later we proceeded to have dinner which comprised items from the typical Malnad cuisine. Food was good and the hosts personally took care to ensure our satisfaction. After a brief discussion regarding the next day’s plans we retired to our rooms. Tired but happy and kinda excited about the next day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tirthahalli trip!

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  1. Lovely jubley. . Basketball. . Dancing. . Bon fire.. what more can one want..

    The cottage looks good ..

    Is that you trying your hand at the basketball in the first pic..

    Kids and swings now that is a combination. ..


    1. Yes.. it was fun!!
      That is my sister Bikram. I have never been a ‘sports’ person 😦
      And..yes..kids are always excited to find a swing 🙂


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