To be able to view the sunrise from our home is a luxury that I’ve been blessed with!! Throughout the growing up years I have watched the sunrise or sunset only on our trips to certain places and sometimes at designated spots. However, since moving to our current residence, we’ve had this privilege right here in Bangalore 🙂

Of course, we cannot see the sun rise right from the horizon, but we do get to catch it in all its orange-red glory!!

In addition, it is only after coming here that I truly did notice the ‘movement’ of the sun. The point where the sun rises gradually shifts and we can definitely mark the difference along with the seasons. It is interesting to observe the northward/southward movements and the points from where the Sun ‘returns’ is kind of etched in my mind. The points as I see from our east facing balcony!!

Here are a few pics… these were taken 3 weeks apart. Notice the position of the sun is different in the first two pics.




The right edge in this last pic is near the point where the sun is in the first pic! I hope you can see the difference too!!!

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