And, R is for Red  🙂

We, Bangaloreans, are waiting for the rains!! Temperatures are soaring and people are discussing how it is getting hotter each year. Well, it does seem hotter but I’m not sure if it really is. Of course, with more and more trees going under the axe and an increase in the number of construction works and vehicles and people, there definitely is a difference in how we experience it.

We did have a much needed, though brief, respite during the last week. It rained on a few days and the mercury levels dipped considerably.

Here are a few clicks taken during the monsoon season, in July last year. I liked to watch the downpour during the afternoons/evenings… i’ve captured these using my mobile phone..

View from our office.. Grey clouds made the afternoon seem like evening..
Droplets of rain on the glass facade..
Another angle.. the busy main road as seen from our office..
On the other side..

Just looking at these pics now makes me feel refreshed!! 🙂

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