Oh my!!

Oscillating !! Should it be Omnipresent, Occult, Opium or Ossum ?? Now wait.. is that actually a word in English? I look it up and this is what I find!! It is quite common in chat language and popular too, with the young people. Well.. for me, awesome is the word 🙂

Anyway, I finally decide to go with Odour!! Do I hear you say eww! Or is it aah 🙂

The fact is that I am poor at detecting odour. Rather my olfactory senses are weak. For quite a long time, I had not realized this. When people turned their noses up at unpleasant odours and covered their noses with handkerchiefs, I walked on as though it didnt matter much. People around me were surprised that I didnt mind being around them when they were all sweaty and smelly!! My classmates would detest the Zoology practical classes due to the smell in the labs and would go without food on the day they dissected a fish! To me, it made no difference.. yes I could smell the fish and the preservative but what was the big deal!!

And, same it was when people oohed and aahed at some pleasant smells of food or perfumes. I hardly noticed!! Not that I didnt get the smells.. just that they were at a much lower intensity for me. My daughter is quite the opposite of me! She has a very sharp sense of smell. She even smells people in the clothes they own. May be that is how it is for people with a normal sense of smell. But, for me that is quite something!!

It was much later, only in my thirties, that I actually realized that my responses or the lack of them were due to my subdued sense of smell. Only then did I understand why I never needed to hold my breath or hold a handkerchief to my nose when most everyone else was! I also wondered about how much I might have missed out on the pleasant smells and felt a slight tinge of envy.

But, me being me, I took it in my stride quite well .. looking at the positive side of it. I did not have to deal with or be particularly wary of unpleasant odours. Aromas of food never tempted me enough to get carried away. That probably helped me eat less, which in turn helped maintain my weight at a decent level!! Now, is it not a blessing in disguise 🙂

These days, however, my sense of smell seems to have improved a lil bit. I am conscious about the smells around me. I still feel a tinge of sadness when I cannot fully take in the pleasant smells of food and fragrances of flowers. But when certain unpleasant odours feel overpowering and unbearable, I wonder how it must be for people whose noses are sharp in sensing the smells. At such times.. I feel I’m better off the way I am… 😀

Thanks to ABC Wednesday ! This ‘odour’ thing is a significant one for me. It has made me the butt of jokes, lighthearted ones, many a time, which of course I did not mind. I had thought about this topic on a number of occasions but never got around to writing it. Now, I’m really glad that it is done 🙂

Leaving you with the pic of a rose that is almost Orange, but not quite 🙂 I am sure it had a heavenly fragrance! I was concentrating more on the photography though 😉 😛


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  1. My daughter doesn’t have a good sense of smell which I think she inherited from her Dad who doesn’t have a good sense of smell himself. I have a very keen sense of smell which is pleasant when it comes to flowers but not so pleasant in other contexts. That’s a lovely rose. Carver, ABCW-Team


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