I have gotten used to my regular route and am driving quite comfortably now! With the normal traffic, it takes me just 15- 20 minutes to reach my office!! Feels so good.. so awesome to be in charge and to have the freedom.. to not be dependent on the bus, the mercy of auto wallahs or anyone else indeed.

Everything comes at a price though… the losses may not seem much when compared to the gains.. but nevertheless!

I miss picking up a book to read during my commute. Miss reading on the bus! In fact, reading has slowed down a great deal as I get to read after long gaps.

I miss looking at passers by .. and wondering…

I miss gazing at all the prettiness..

  • All the lovely blooms along the roads.. in purple, pink..
  • The blue skies and the clouds.. the trees springing back to life!!
  • Kids in a school playground..
  • Tiny tots holding hands and walking to school.. sigh!
  • The beautiful sun just before it sets.. this used to coincide with my commute back home .. I used to have a clear view from the bus and would hardly take my eyes off as long as the sun was in view!

I miss my ‘bus’ friends and the long conversations… though they too have moved on and do not take that bus anymore. Miss the opportunity to make some more ‘bus’ friends!

I miss the walk to and from the bus stop! It was a good exercise too 🙂 Have gained some weight since the driving started! Of course, the heat and dust are oppressive now and when I think of how I was often sick due to the dust, I feel I’m better off in my car! 😛

Also miss the anxiety about missing the bus or the racing heartbeats whenever the bus got too close to another vehicle! Am I glad or what 🙂 But then there is another kind of anxiety… and the state of high alert that goes with driving 🙂 So there!! Life’s like that.. aint it 🙂


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  1. Lol… Strange things you miss.. Anxiety? Again I need to say Cheers to your driving. It does make one feel so free.


    1. hahaha OM! Wrongly worded that one! I dont miss the anxiety.. I’m glad that I dont have to be anxious about missing the bus 🙂
      Thank you 🙂


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