I’d thought that participating in the ABC Wednesday series would help me get back to blogging.. at least once a week. That didnt help much 😦 Β But I’m not giving up!!

The kids are in a phase where they indulge in one-upmanship almost all.the.time. Leads to a lot of arguments and blows even! Bogs us down. Exasperates. But then, they get together again like nothing happened at all. Sigh!!

The final set of tests will be over in a couple of days and its holiday time for them!! They’re excited of course. Wishing I could take leave on a couple of days to be with them. But then I shudder at the thought of them driving me nuts πŸ™‚

Hoping to indulge in some craft activities with the kids this Summer vacation. Its been a really looonnnggg time!!

Finally, I’m driving with the kids to the dance class, during weekends. Their constant chatter amuses me.. and also terrifies. My nerves are tested when they demand instant answers from me while i’m trying to concentrate on the traffic.

Both the sisters are also driving their cars! Sis1 has just started learning and Sis2 has honed her skills and is almost independent now. Both of them with the same driving instructor who taught me. I guess he can be called our family driving instructor! Same like family doctor perhaps πŸ˜› So, its a good beginning of the year car driving-wise πŸ˜€

Planning to enroll the kids to swimming classes this Summer. This has been planned for the last couple of years..but didnt happen for various reasons. Hoping 2014 will be the ‘swimming’ year! Me and sis2 are all set too πŸ™‚ Wish us luck!!

Last but not the least.. we played proper Holi this time. As in, each year we would smear dry colours on each other in the evening and that was it. This time, on Sunday, we played Holi with water and colours. The kids had the real taste of Holi for the first time. though of course this time too.. it was just us.. the family. We had loads of fun!!!

Looks like Holi was celebrated in the apartment too.. but I did not know as I was in office. Dad and D were chicken to venture out when the gang arrived at the doorstep. Also, were wary of sending the kids out.. without our knowledge.. Β the kids missed out on some fun me thinks.. wonder what they think !

Played Holi at office too. Since today was not a holiday, celebrations were planned. Only a few enthu ones were game for it..which included me πŸ™‚ Got coloured from head to toe!! Funn!!

Thats it for now folks. Hope you all had awesome fun this Holi πŸ™‚ Cheers!!