Well, February is a special month 🙂

First birthday in the family falls in this month… Sis 1’s. It kicks starts the family celebrations for the year!! 🙂 Happy birthday darling! Hope you have a fabulous year, may good health, peace and contentment be yours by the grace of God! We love you and are thankful for your presence in our lives!!

Throughout our childhood, Sis1’s birthday was shadowed by the deadline for yearly taxes and also the soon approaching annual exams, because of which her birthday used to be a low key affair … 🙂

That reminds me.. I need to get my investment papers in place 😀 Today is the last day for submission!

And, the kids’ last set of tests for the year will start in about 10 days time… need to get them to focus… the very thought is kind of overwhelming! With temperatures going higher and the weather pleasant and not so cold anymore, they are itching to go out and play… all.the.time. Some distraction this!! Wish us luck folks 🙂

Now, some flowers here to cheer you up!




P.S: Just in the nick of time to link to last weeks’ ABC Wednesday.