I love to go ‘click’ ‘click’ 🙂 I do not possess a sophisticated camera… only my sister’s point and shoot that I borrow occasionally, and keep it with myself for as long as I can 😛 . On my last birthday I was gifted a phone with a camera, precisely due to this ‘click’ ‘click’ obsession of mine!!

Generally, books were my companions during my long commute to the office. I would sit comfortably in the Volvo and gorge on books! However, I would make sure I look around once in a while and take the sights in… Some days, I would not read and would just stare at all that was happening around.. And, then sometimes.. would try to click pics from the moving bus.

Here are a few pics that I had clicked earlier this year when I was in my previous organization. Reminds me of those days.. the anxiety about not being able to catch the bus on time, the happiness, cheer, thankfulness whenever I would get ‘my’ bus!! And, the joy when I would get it ‘just in time’ luckily 🙂 .All the pics are ‘as is’ except for the addition of watermark.

I used to love to watch the sun set, making everything around it glow in orange and red! Pics of the setting sun .. with the Agara lake in the foreground..taken on one March evening.. Happy that the third shot came out perfect!!




Couple of pics taken on a rainy day in June this year..



Stranded in traffic… on a flyover..one morning in May..



These pics are all precious coz they’re not just static entities.. they tell a tale and bring back so many memories 🙂 Hope you liked!!