I’ve  jumped into the ‘colour your hair’ bandwagon. I know its not such a big deal these days… however, for me and those around me, it is indeed a big one!

They’ve been persistent in their efforts right from the days when I had just a couple of greys.. that is some 5-6 years ago maybe… cajoling, pleading, requesting, threatening even… And, I resisted it all.. not wanting to go through  it coz I’m plain lazy when it comes to such activities that need to be done recurrently.. even if it promises to make me look nice.. and gorgeous maybe 😉

And now, the grey’s have increased considerably.. they defiantly show up right on top, not hiding somewhere and playing peek-a-boo! They are not budging .. not falling off.. when most others in the vicinity , roughed by the weather, the water and other additives just give up and succumb to the power of gravity ever so often!!

So.. the appointment was made for me at the local beauty parlour. And reminders given.. to both, the parlour and to me.. multiple times to me actually! Coz they were almost sure that I would not keep my date with mehendi 😀  But, how could I not go when there was so much love and so much excitement. Yes, even Ammu was thrilled when she heard that I was to get my hair coloured with mehendi!!

Now, I have all reds instead of greys.. and my hair looks much better they say. Yes.. I can see the shine too 🙂 Everyone around is happy about this and that makes me happier!! Only, it remains to be seen how religiously I maintain this!! 😛

Happy Monday folks!! Hope you have a great week ahead 🙂