I’ve been reading.. just a lil bit..

I’ve been taking pictures.. though haven’t posted any in a longg time..

I’ve been lurking.. reading up now and then on my fave blogs.. clicking a ‘like’ if there is one, leaving a comment if its possible to do it real quick and easy ..

I’ve been thinking of all that needs to be written in this space of mine..

I’ve come back to this pace many times.. and have been pleasantly surprised to see the site stats that shows that people still visit here πŸ™‚ Thank you all..

I’ve been around the kids.. not with them as much as I would like..

I’ve been working so much.. am scared I might become one of those workaholics!

I’ve changed the theme of this blog and was wondering where my pages went.. managed to create the menu only Β today!

In the midst of all the chaos, I make sure I talk to buddies, kiss my kids, yell, fight, make up, laugh.. loudly.. at silliest of talks.., dance.. at least sometimes.. generally trying to keep me afloat and in the present!

How have you all been πŸ™‚

P.S: Just realized that the title resembles the tagline of one of my fave blogs The Girl Next Door!! Love the tagline GND.. wondering why I never told you this before πŸ™‚