Its been a really long break from blogging…. both writing and reading!

There’s lots to write about.. dance, work, Ammu n Adi- their birthdays came and went with no updates here…, granma, and other amazing things that life offers when we put in a lil of ourselves out there πŸ™‚

Anyway.. I guess I’ll take them up one by one and not make a potpourri!

So.. first things first πŸ™‚

When, in my previous company, the work location shifted farther away and I was wondering how to manage things on the home front and maintain my balance, D came to us to help out for a very different reason. It was a big blessing for me, for us. It seemed that she came at just the right time. She took care of us and the home in earnest and made life quite comfortable which allowed me the space and time to pursue my interests.

She gelled very well with the kids.. so much so that Adi even booked her for taking care of his kid(s) πŸ˜€

I had often wondered how I would manage if she had to leave us any day and would often conclude that I will manage well as I had done earlier. And comforted myself with the thought of ‘crossing the bridge when it comes’ !

And.. I came to the bridge when it was a very crucial time for me!! As mentioned, I joined the new office, which is closer than the previous one, in mid June. Things were pretty easy going in the first couple of weeks. However, exactly one month later, when the actual work started, D had to leave suddenly to take care of her mother who had taken ill all of a sudden. Something about it did not seem right.. dont know what. But we had a feeling that she wouldn’t be back soon.

Somehow, I managed the cooking and the office work. Wouldn’t have been able to manage other house hold chores if not for dad. He pitched in and took care of a lot of things around the house and managed the kids in the evenings.

After about 2 weeks when she was planning to come back, another crisis happened .. her dad had a stroke, a mild one but needing a full time help with his personal tasks as well as for moving around. So, she had to cancel her plans and stay back. For us, it seemed that maybe she would not come back at all. Maybe that was the extent of our journey together.

Initially, I did feel overwhelmed.. but quickly realized that I need to take it slow if I intend to maintain good health.. both physical andΒ mental Β πŸ™‚ I just focused on office work and the bare minimum required to be done at home. For the kids dabbas, me and sis divided the breakfast and lunch tasks, making it easier to handle in the mornings. Sis and BIL pitched in by sending food in the evenings whenever they could. Once again we realized how much of a positive difference the choice to live near each other has made in our lives.

I did not read any book, even stopped listening to music on the ipod. Almost stopped blogging too. I’m not sure if I was so busy as to not to be able to do these things or I was just overwhelmed by the fact that there was so much to be done. Β Also, I did not bother with rushing for the regular bus which meant I did not get to meet my friends too 😦

Luckily for us, D’s dad recovered quite well within a month and half due to timely medication and care given to him. He’s able to move around on his own and do his personal tasks. Though he will still require at least six months to an year to recover fully and gain strength completely. D assured us that she would be back as soon as she could make financial arrangement for her family and for her dad’s on going treatment. We were glad to be able to extend our help, so that she wouldn’t have the burden of paying interest if she had borrowed from elsewhere.

And so.. I’m really glad that she’s back with us now. She came on the eve of Ganesha festival and helped us with all the preparations and the festive cooking. And, I’m slowly getting back to relaxing and going back to the things I did earlier. My I-pod was dead from not being used for so long. Recharged it and back to listening to my favorites. Today, I am back here with a post.. feels so very good! I’d been having trouble with my teeth.. started with the treatment now. Hopefully, will soon pick up the book that I had left half way!

Couple of days after D came back I was thing of taking the regular bus to work soon so that I could meet my friend. Surprisingly she called up on that very day and said that she hadnt been taking that bus as she was going early all these days. She wanted to meet me and we decided to meet the next day on our bus πŸ™‚ This is also in fact one strange friendship.. we became friends on the bus.. on our way to work .. she is very much younger than me.. but our wave lengths match to such an extent that we’ve become very close and confide in each other and understand each other .. its quite magical indeed when we find someone who ‘gets’ us πŸ™‚

However, even with all these things happening, the thing I’m most glad about is that I did not quit going to the dance classes. I couldnt practice daily but I made it a point to attend classes. Now, i have started practicing for at least 10 mins once in every two days. I’m sure I’ll get back to the daily routine soon.

Well, I’ll stop here. The post is longer than I intended it to be .. but I’m glad I just let the thoughts flow…

Hope you are all doing well. Hopefully, will visit you all soon. Take care and have a good weekend!


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