Tiny Tidbits

Our conversation from last evening..

I’m back home and Adi is generally running around at full speed, not heeding to my words to slow down. He does this and that… just going around as if he did not hear me at all.. and I feel harried, which feels even worse coz I’m tired too..

Finally, we sit down at the table. Ammu and Adi with cups of milk and me with my chai that dad has prepared for me.

Me: ‘Adi.. why do you do this? How much do I need to shout and waste my energy like this? I think your baba will have to get me one big packet of glucose.’

Adi *coolly*: ‘Yes bomma.. that can be done’ I try not to laugh..

Me: ‘Yes.. you will get me glucose.. but will not stop doings things that make me shout and scold you?’

Adi *coolly*: ‘This is not scolding bomma.. you are just telling me..’ It used to be the other way round sometime time ago.. at seemingly loud or tough words he would ask why we are scolding him and we would explain that we were only telling him something.. not scolding.. šŸ˜€

Me *calmly*: ‘Tell me.. what I say doesnt go to your head? Or does it not go to your ear only?’

Adi *coolly*: ‘I think it’s the second one’ šŸ˜Ž

Me: ‘Tell me.. what should I do so that you will understand what I’m trying to say’

Adi *as if in contemplation*: ‘Bomma, I have a plan. If you shout at me.. I will not listen to you. I will do exactly what you tell me not to do. And, if you tell me softly and nicely.. only then I will listen to you’

I’m wide eyed and wondering where he picked up this gyaan from.. šŸ™‚


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