Tiny Tidbits

The last time when dad went to Mysore, Adi was very happy. He went around telling everyone that he is so happy that thata is not here. When asked why, he replied ‘Thata always tells me to sit straight.. he scolds me…I dont like him’

All of us, including dad, found it funny… and we just let it be. However, when he went back home, sis1 has responded by saying ‘ how can you say that you dont like my dad! He says it for your own good!’

A few days later, when dad was back and we were at the dinner table Adi says ‘Thata, I think I like you!’ Everyone was amused πŸ™‚ A few moments and some reflection later, he says ‘Thata, I think it is better I like you’ .. with an emphasis on ‘better’. It sounded as if he was worried about his mom’s reaction if he did not ‘like’ thata Β  πŸ˜€


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