Its the birthday weekend!

Ammu will be 9 this coming weekend !! However, she doesnt seem to be very excited this time since its on a Saturday, as she won’t be going to school in a colour dress and distributing chocolates to all her classmates and teachers… But of course everyone else is 🙂

We plan to have her distribute chocolates in the dance class. She hasnt thought about this.. so I guess she’ll be surprised when I suggest this to her 🙂

As for the celebrations, it will be a family get-together like always. Adi is clear that we should have a cake cutting session! We sometimes avoid cake as the fresh cream in the cake/pastry doesnt suit both of them.

Sis1 is only a newbie tailoring enthusiast. But she has taken up the ambitious project of stitching Ammu’s birthday dress. Not just a simple frock.. but one with layers… satin, net and lace.. you get the idea? She’s warned me though.. that if its not ready by this evening, she’ll just go and buy one! Hope she’ll be able to finish it in time 🙂 However, Ammu is so confident about her chitti’s skills that she told her thata not to buy a birthday dress for her!! He buys one for her every year..

Ammu wants an encyclopedia as her birthday gift. She had seen a set of 4 books at her friend’s place and wanted that. I have no clue which brand or publisher it was. She says you buy any that you think is good enough 🙂  I have been doing some search online, but haven’t been able to zero in on any as yet. I guess I’ll have to go to a bookstore and pick one. Last evening she suggested I buy her a small dictionary in case I don’t find the encyclopedia!!

When BIL1 asked her what she wants, she didnt seem to want any toy or doll!…. 🙄 Feels like my girl’s all grown up!! Sigh. Indeed, from next year her age will be in double digits.

Its amazing .. this whole journey! The transformation of the tiny lil one into this independent person who can manage quite nicely without your help.  Feels like a miracle unfolding right in front of you. Love, warmth, happiness… eternally grateful and blessed to have these in the form of this lil angel. Wishing and praying that she’ll have the best of everything in life… good health, good friends and lots of love that will be her strength through this journey called life!!

Hoping that her special day unfolds perfectly for her!!!



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  1. Happy Birthday to Ammu!I just did a similar post on my blog a few days back and came back to see your emotional one too!My daughter will turn 9 next weekend too!And yes,she too has grown up so fast….time flies and I didn’t think about the double digits!Thanks for reminding me.


    1. Thanks Antara!!
      Yeah.. she’s past the single digit phase.. mixed feelings for me 🙂 Glad you can relate.
      A very happy birthday to your girl 🙂


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