June was a month of transition..

I joined a new workplace in mid of June. It happened quite unexpectedly. As in, I was expecting to be relieved by end of June, but things just fell in place and I was free to leave early πŸ™‚ Wrapping up stuff in the old place and warming up to the new place.. all in all June was kind of surreal.. if you know what i mean πŸ™‚

Luckily, I already knew a few people at the new place and was welcomed enthusiastically! Rest of them are all warm and friendly… everyone knows everyone else…the thing that I had always liked about working in a small set up πŸ™‚ Tea and lunch times are fun! Lots of gup shup.. lots of pulling each others legs.. lots of laughter…

The kids were in transition phase too.. from the relaxed and fun vacations to the rigid schedule of school time. Usually, the children are shuffled and placed in different sections each year. This time, for both Adi and Ammu, almost all of their close friends from previous years are in sections different from theirs.

Ammu has coped up well, but doesnt seem quite happy with her teacher 😦 . Also, she was shocked to discover that her drawing/art teacher is a very strict man.. quite unlike the one he was when she attended his drawing class as part of summer camp!!

Adi is being encouraged to make new friends. But he also dislikes 1st standard coz ‘they make me write sooo much’!! Β This is the first time that they both are saying ‘I dont like to go to school’. Sigh!!

Added to that is the change in the timings.. school starts 15 minutes earlier. The school van comes a good 20 minutes earlier than what we were used to all these years. This has meant that the kids must go to bed at least by 9.15-9.30. Post school nap time has been done with, so that they fall asleep quickly once they hit the bed at night. After initial hiccups, we have adapted to this routine. It is working out nicely, except that, at times, they do resent having to get up so early..

We havent been able to have our usual craft times as well. Ammu asked to make something a couple of times.. but I didnt feel quite up to it and encouraged her to just draw/colour something by herself   😐  Got to catch up with our craft sessions too..

Waiting to see how the coming months will treat us! Hopefully, they’ll like school and get along fine πŸ™‚