Tiny tidbits..

Convo between the two..

Adi telling his didi who his teachers are for the various subjects..

Didi gushing over one and then commenting over another..

‘Oh! She is very nice’

‘Really? She is your teacher? She is so strict. *towards me* She’s very very strict ma !!’

They are really petrified by teachers who are strict and who scold them for seemingly *in their opinion* silly reasons ย ๐Ÿ˜

During vacations when I’d asked Ammu which teacher’s class she wanted to be in *in her earlier classes she’d been particular *.. she thought for a moment and replied.. ‘Its OK ma..any teacher. But my friends should be in my class ‘ ย Guess what.. none of her close friends from last year are in her section. Luckily, she has taken that in her stride..

When I suggested she make new friends.. she replied ‘All of them are my friends ma! I know everyone in the class’ I was left wondering.. she’s such a contrast to me who would talk to only a select few in the class…


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