Our plant collection..

… has finally begun!! 🙂

In the beginning of the year I had announced that any gift to me should be a plant! 🙂

I actually forgot that I had said this… And, was quite surprised when BIL1 came home with 2 potted plants as gifts on Mother’s day!!


The Aloe Vera was only lone one for quite sometime. It had been gifted by the land lady of our previous home. The two Auracarias were gifted by BIL1. Enthused by that, we bought a few more plants, one being a favorite – the Pelargonium, which is generally referred to as Geranium.


SoftyPink flowers that started blooming after a few days!! … we did not know the colour when we bought the plant





I simply love it! Plan to get a whole lot of them in different hues…Hope that they will all thrive and spread cheer 🙂 Will keep my fingers crossed !!


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