‘Some stories seem so implausible that even as they unfold around us in real life, we refuse to believe them.’ – Natasha Badhwar.  Found her recently.. simply love!!

An apt quote for what has unfolded in recent days!

I have said to a friend, a few times.. ‘hire me please’ 🙂  But I did not quite expect him to. It was just  hopeful, wishful thinking…

And then, there was this strange belief buried deep in my consciousness that one other guy, who has been a teammate/lead and manager at different times, would ask me to work with him.. someday!! Perplexing somewhat I know.. but still. I felt.. believed rather, that he trusted my abilities…and would call me someday to work with him.

Now, I don’t know which one has come true.. the wishful thinking or the strange belief! A combination of the two maybe 🙂

So yeah.. its all still very unbelievable. And, as I stepped into the office today, I realized consciously, for the first time, that my days here are numbered…

I’m thinking.. saying things.. making it all feel more real to me..

S, who sits next to me, plays music on most days. Today, after a long time, a song that I love, came up .. and I said to him ‘I should remember to copy songs from your system before I leave’ . He’s happy and smiles .. ‘I’ll remember you in the afternoons…’ I say.. that is usually when he plays the songs.. and then add ‘Maybe I should start playing the songs in the new office’ 🙂  Maybe I will!  

And, I will keep a plant on my desk.

I will talk more… even to strangers! Maybe we’ll become friends 🙂

With age, I’ve grown confident in starting conversations with complete strangers. . but mostly with women, girls. Now, I’ll start talking to the guys, who are strangers, I mean.

I meant to wear different kinds of clothes once I leave here… more confidence in a different crowd is what I had been thinking 🙂  Now, I’m going back to people I know and others who have seen me and are familiar… but what the heck! Everyone evolves.. their wardrobes evolve too 🙂  So, I guess I’ll get brave and wear skirts to office.. for starters!!

Wishing me luck 🙂