Think pink.. think flowers :)

Well, I could’nt resist putting up pictures of flowers again.

This weeks’ theme at Thursday Challenge isΒ “PINK” (Candy, Furniture, Flowers, Clothing, Makeup,…) and what better than flowers.. isn’t it πŸ™‚



P.S: This is the 300th post!!

A big thank you to everyone who reads, follows, leaves comments and/or ‘like’s what I write here πŸ™‚

And here’s a shout out to fellow bloggers Swaram, ObsessiveMom, Bikram, GirlNextDoor and Comfy! Thanks for the coming along folks πŸ™‚ Huggs!!


8 thoughts on “Think pink.. think flowers :)

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  1. congrats for 300 post. Its indeed an achievement and what better way to celebrate than with flowers.


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