Guess what.. we won the March Animal Craft Challenge at Artsy Craftsy Mom!! Shruti’s email this morning totally made my day 🙂  Also, we get a Rs 500/- gift voucher from Itsy Bitsy, the craft store. What fun!

The kids are yet to hear this news.. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled !!


In other news, Ammu and Adi are officially promoted to the 4th and 1st standard respectively!

Ammu has fared well in her last worksheets, a health scare and simple mistakes not withstanding, and her teacher had nice things to say about her. But of course 🙂

Adi is the star as usual. His teacher says he’s a very bright child but does not like to repeat anything.. as in he gets bored very quickly. Looks like it will be an uphill task to get him to persist at something, especially if he does not like or is not in the mood. We’ll have to wait n watch 🙂

Vacations are in full swing with them playing, playing, fighting, reading, watching TV, fighting, playing, doing math, playing and more playing 😀 No summer camps this time. The kids were a little unwell during and after the exams. So we wanted them to relax and have fun at their own pace with no hurried schedules. Also, there are the dance classes which will offer some diversion during the weekends..

In the evenings, I make it a point to take the kids down to the play area. With no one else around, they indulge in their play and I just sit and watch while enjoying the cool breeze. I also managed to teach them to sing Lakdi ki kaathi, which they were eager to learn! Sis accompanies me whenever she’s home and we have a good chat 🙂 But, with the mosquitoes’ numbers going up, I guess we cant go outdoors much in the evening … and will have to make do with some indoor activity..

Adi is looking forward to go with his baba to Kolkata to see his grandparents. But before that will be a family trip to Mysore for a cousins wedding. With the temperatures soaring and breaking all records, we’ve decided to ditch the silk sarees this time. So, cool cottons it will be 🙂

Nothing else planned for the vacations as of now. Hoping to introduce Ammu to different water colour painting techniques when Adi is away at his grandparent’s home. Incidentally, the April theme at Artsy Craftsy Mom is Go Artsy! Hope to have some entries for that one!!

Well, that all for now folks! Tata!!


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