Last night after they finished dinner we tell them to sit quietly and not jump around…

After my dinner is done, I go into the room to find them lying next to each other. And, Ammu is reading from a story book!!

A dream-come-true moment for a mom who loves to read 😀


This morning, I’m busy getting ready to go to work.

Adi says ‘Bomma, look at this didi. She’s confusing me with the steps’ 🙂

They were practising the dance steps and Ammu was having fun seeing his confusion 😀


My friend calls up and Ammu wants to talk to her. After the conversation is over she says ‘Why does she call me baby? I’m not a baby!’

Adi says *instantly* ‘Then she’ll call me double baby.I’m smaller than you no..’!! 😛


Happy Holi folks! Hope you are having fun 🙂