Of pink and purple :)

February came and went. But  much awaited pink flowers were not in sight, on the stretch that I traverse each working day. Very few blooms here and there… reluctance or was it resilience!!

The temperatures started rising steadily. Mornings .. no longer cold.. or even cool!  Some of the trees started sprouting new leaves again and I wondered if the flowers would bloom at all this year. I yearned for the burst of pink and mauve!!

One fine day, well into March, the flowers came into view! It was a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t the burst that I was looking forward to, but nevertheless.. They came into their own slowly. But almost half of the trees are yet to show any signs of blooming.

Just on a whim, I clicked the pics using my mobile phone…

At a signal, pic taken from the car window…


Pic taken from the Volvo bus… See the bare branches/trees?

And, in my reverent watching of these trees, I almost missed the ones that were abloom and beckoning!I spotted a lot of them in full glory, especially on our way to and from dance class 🙂 Just love to gaze at them as long as I can, till they are in view..

In our office campus…


Most are already shedding.. the flowers have given way to the lush green leaves. Its like seeing these trees in various stages.. all at once 🙂

And, not to forget, the Jacarandas are in full purple glory!! Here’s one that I managed to click..

Waiting for more colours of the spring 🙂


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  1. Fab pics. It feels real nice to walk in such environment and you have the gut feeling that everything gonna be good. It’s so refreshing.


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