.. then what is!!

It was one terrifying moment!

I was doing an online recharge for my mobile number and I could not remember my mobile number!! I entered a number and as I was doing so.. I sensed that it was not correct. But somehow, I could not recollect my number πŸ˜•

Started wondering about how terrifying it must feel when you really start forgetting stuff, may be due to old age or God forbid, some debilitating condition likeΒ Alzheimer’s.

Of course there have been many times when I have forgotten a lot of things. But never did my mind go blank about my mobile number. Probably, that’s what made it so startling for me! And, I could not recollect it without looking through my email 😯 Β Guess, the panic like state prevented my brain from functioning properly 😳

Have you had any such moments which set you thinking ?