One sure fire way to feel alive is to stretch! Yes.. literally!!

Stretch yourself… either physically or mentally and you’ll feel the difference!! Yesterday, I attended a conference for Software testers, the first conference that I attended in all these years of professional life.

I’d been dilly dallying till the nth moment as I’m not familiar with the area the venue was in and also I did not have company. The weather was not too good, with low pressure in Chennai affecting B’lore too. But I so badly wanted to go.

So, I made up my mind… got help with the directions from a couple of friends and wrote to another one to find if I could do a spot registration. Everything set!!

Woke up early and left home by 7, so that I could reach the venue on time.. its very far from where I stay and I was sure it would take me more than an hour and half to get there. I managed to reach there without any adventure, thanks to the accurate directions!

Am so glad I did it. I kind of stretched myself physically as well as mentally, mostlyΒ mentally. Felt so very good πŸ™‚


The December chill has set in and I’m yet to see the pink that lines the road that I pass through on my way to work. Though I’ve seen the pink splashes in a couple of other places, the trees here are still green.

I remember that they were ‘late’ last year too. And, they’d conspired to turn all pink when I’d been taking an alternate route for a couple of days. How pleasantly surprised I was when I saw the profusion of pink on the entire stretch!!

I’m waiting.


I’m a watcher of trees and of the sky and somehow I tend to notice… the beauty, the changes… even within moments. And I have asked myself if that’s kind of weird. But one post by a dear friend made me realize I’m not all alone. The reverence in her words humble me and I feel so glad that I know her.

Yay to the blog world!!