Tamaso ma jyothirgamaya!

Lights, flowers, rangolis, mehendi and a few fire crackers. Family, chit-chat, dressing up and lots of laughter marked this Diwali!!

No elaborate preparations were made. No sweets or savouries prepared at home. Even the shopping for new clothes happened at the nth moment 😐 I seemed to have been caught up with other stuff after the long and leisurely Dasara vacation… and all of a sudden Diwali seemed to be here πŸ™‚

Relearned a few things. Shop for clothes well in advance.. you get more variety and also in your size. A lil bit of planning will help in better management of time between decorations, getting dressed, clicking pics and spending time with the kids .. before they become cranky πŸ™‚

Festivals are not festivals without mehendi!
I did not spend time for any Diwali craft this time. Ammu herself made these envelopes out of plain paper… not sure where she got the idea from..
With this Diwali note inside…
Lights and flowers..
Flowers and floating candles..
Rangoli embellished with diyas..
Fire works!!

Have a great day! Take care friends πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Tamaso ma jyothirgamaya!

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    1. OM, she’s always itching to do something arty- craftsy and loves making cards!
      Her card to granpa read ‘Happy Diwali to my sweet thata’.. missed getting a pic of that one πŸ™‚


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