Friday Flowers!

Happy Weekend !!

Its almost a week since we came back from Mysore.

Had a very fun filled and relaxed vacation. Came back truly  rejuvenated.. I had a bad cough the week before we left…

The weather was awesome and we did things at a leisurely pace… totally unstructured but fun times 🙂 just what i needed to totally unwind. And, Ammu was super happy that I was with her for a whole week during her vacation! What more can I ask for… hai na..

The week just whizzed by. The Rajyotsava holiday was spent attending a friend’s wedding.. yes.. in spite of the relentless downpour and, dinner with the whole family which included BIL’s brother n family who have come from Kolkata for a vacation.

Tomorrow, its PTM. And then, the kids are to visit the Nehru planetarium. For me, a dinner/lunch with friends is on the cards. Looking forward to a nice weekend 🙂

Hope you had a good time too!! Diwali is just round the corner… I’m sure you all are gearing up for it! Wish you all a super weekend 🙂

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