Through the years…

On some days, she is the one to throw tantrum and not relent till I give in..

On some other days, I am the one yelling in anxiousness 😦

On yet other days, thata keeps on warning that time’s up which irks her further…

And, there are some days when he gets angry with me for not handling the situation tactfully and allowing it to snowball!

Of course, there are the uneventful days when she wakes up happily and gets ready without any fuss, and with a cheery disposition.. making it all feel like a breeze 😀

And then, at the end of it all, she offers her kisses and says her byes. Thata bends to get his muttam. They walk towards the gate, holding hands and chattering away!!

I look on, washed over by a strange kind of peace after all the hulla gulla!!  And slowly a smile appears, and the heart is filled with gratitude 🙂 Pure bliss!!

P.S: Muttam = kiss, hulla gulla = chaos.

P.P.S: Now, there are more of the uneventful days 🙂 Touching wood!