I love rain!

I love to play in the rain!!

Ammu drew this last evening, after revising the lesson Seasons for her Geography worksheet. She was maha excited to show this to me when I came back 🙂

She says ‘Rain is my favorite season ma.. look I’m throwing away my umbrella to play in the rain’ 🙂

We had a nice respite from the relentless heat, with surprise showers on Tuesday morning. She didnt like it raining in the morning though. She has to wear her sweater to school, which she dislikes very much.. and also its time for school and not play!

Anyway, that was only for one morning. It is back to sun shine and she’s so glad about that !!

She’s sooper clear about when she likes the rain and when she loves sun shine 😀


11 thoughts on “I love rain!

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    1. I love it when she wears the sweater and scarf.. looks all cozy 😀
      Its too hot here also OM.. just on that one day it was windy and chill in the morning..

      Will surely tell her 🙂
      Glad you noticed the heart!! Thanks OM 🙂


  1. Haha! Sounds so much like what we were in school .. did not like one extra load in the form of that sweater 😉

    Loved the drawing 🙂 Spills so much joy!:


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