Apart from the time when Ammu is doing her drawing/colouring or her homework … she’s constantly chattering away! And, oh yes.. she’s absolutely quiet when she’s watching her favourite Chota Bheem or Doraemon πŸ™‚

The chattering and the innumerable questions that come to her tiny head!! Wow πŸ™‚

On the Pears ad..

‘Mamma, they put the sunshine in the soap. But what happens when they use the soap.. the sunshine will also go away no?’ Β So why try to catch it in the first place.. is what she means !!

She has her opinions on many other ads also.. though I cannot recall what exactly. But, she seems to see through the ads for what they are. And I wonder who are they trying to fool!


On seeing air…

Ammu:Β ‘Mamma, ma’am says we cannot see the air!’

Me: ‘Yes ma’

Ammu: ‘But, air is all around us!’

Me: ‘Yes.’

Ammu: ‘Then, I can see the air na. I can see all around me’ !!

Me: ‘Yes. You can feel the air around you’.

Ammu: ‘No mamma, I can see also. What is in front of me is air. So what if it does not have a shape!!’ ❗


On the three wise monkeys

‘Mamma, in the three monkeys, the first one cannot hear bad things but it can see bad things and say bad things no. The second one cannot see bad things but it can hear bad things and say bad things. And, the third one cannot say bad things but can hear and see bad things. So what is the point mamma!!’ πŸ™„

Beat that one?


At dinner time a couple of days ago…

Me: ‘Ammu you should ask politely. You can get your work done by saying politely. Nothing will be done if you order.’

Ammu *instantly, with a twinkle in her eye* : ‘It gets done in the hotel mamma’ !!

We all had a good laugh at her witty reply πŸ™‚


‘After playing Volleyball, at the end of PT period, all the children ask PT sir for the ball, to keep it back. Only I stay silent. And, every time, sir gives the ball to me only mamma!!’

We were surprised to learn that she plays Volleyball! And now, she even plays basketball πŸ™‚

She says ‘ I cannot reach the basket, but I try mamma’ πŸ™‚

I’m so glad that unlike me she’s a ‘sports/games’ person. She has sure taken after her Jinu chitti [sis2] πŸ˜€


Recently, she said that her friend taught her to play skipping. I brought out the skipping rope that I had almost forgotten about. She was very excited πŸ™‚ She was not very confident though. I adjusted the rope length for her and taught her how to go about it. She practiced it religiously whenever she could, for a couple of days. And started playing really well. She was so enthused that she picked up the rope at every chance. And perfected both, the straight and the reverse ways of playing it πŸ™‚

At one time, I casually said ‘Why are you practicing so much? You can do other stuff like running or gymnastics!’ pointing at the TV screen where the live telecast of Olympic games was on.

Pat came the reply with much confidence ‘There maybe a skipping challenge for me mamma!!’

Thankfully, as of now, she does not get easily swayed by others choices.. and gives due importance to her own wishes..