Re-post of the pen/pencil holders that we had made in summer. The linky at Shruti’s September challenge did not allow me to link the two crafts, pedestal and pen holders, seperately with the same URL and hence this 😀

Bangles to pen/pencil holders 🙂
Another view .. with pens 🙂

The special things about these crafts is that both are made from used stuff. For the pedestal, I used the cardboard packs of some electronic goods.

For the bangle stand, I’ve used the bangles that no longer fit Ammu. Actually I did not have the heart to throw them away 🙂 The holder is simple to make.

* Make a cylindrical tube out of chart paper or any suitable material. Its diameter should be slightly lesser than the diameter of the bangles.I used the sides of a cereal/chocolates carton box. Toilet roll can also be used to make it more simpler 🙂

* At one end of the cylinder, make small vertical cuts at intervals and make folds. Stick this end to a base. For the base. I’ve used the lid of a used container.

* Slide the bangles onto the cylinder and secure them at the top by sticking the top two bangles.

* Stick coloured paper on the base and decorate as per your wish 🙂 I’ve used plastic mirrors and glitter to complement the colour and glitter of the bangles!

Stunning holders ready!! And that too.. free of cost! Well.. almost 🙂

Bonus.. is the satisfaction of spending time with Ammu and then, her smile and admiration… priceless!!!!

Linking this one to the September Challenge – Glitter, at Artsy Craftsy Mom.

Have a happy weekend friends 🙂

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