Lots of things to write about!

Adi turned 5 last weekend!! Friday was the birthday. Ammu had made an icecream card for him! She was very excited at the outcome and wanted to give it to him in the van, first thing in the morning. She was in two minds though… her concern was that he is small and maybe he’ll spoil the card. But then can she wait!! šŸ˜€ She did give it to him in the morning itself.

And, the HM of the school gave him a birthday gift!! Adi is absolutely her favorite. Right from his pre nursery.. or I think LKG days.. he has this habit of going to her office everyday and wishing her! No wonder he’s much sought after. No idea what made him do it when most often kids are scared of HMs !!Ā I remember, once, during the summer vacation, we happened to bump into her at the vegetable store and I was totally surprised at her reaction on seeing him šŸ™‚ It was an absolutely charming scene!

On Sunday, we had a lunch party to celebrate the milestone šŸ™‚ Usually, birthdays meant family get together. This time close friends and neighbours were invited. The kids had a gala time. No formal games had been planned. But they were quite excited to play with the balloons and the thermocol cut outs which were all eventually crumpled and then strewn all over the place and on everyone whom they managed to dump it on šŸ™‚

The sad part is that by the time the last guest left, Adi got a high fever šŸ˜¦ The doctor diagnosed it as symptoms of typhoid.. has prescribed medicines for 5 days. The fever seems to have subsided for now. Hoping and praying that he will become alright with these medicines. Failing which, we will have to go for a blood test and then admission if it is indeed typhoid šŸ˜¦


Over the weekend, Ammu made a big card for her teacher.

The children in her class split into groups and decided to make cards for the class teacher. In her group she was designated to make the card. She was pretty excited and wanted to make the ‘best’ card! She kept on telling me the different ideas that kept popping in her head from time to time šŸ™‚ from Friday evening until Saturday evening…

Finally she decided she would make a big card with ‘Happy Teacher’s day’ using sequins. I cut out the card from the chart paper and wrote the letters on it. At first she, tried by sticking sequins of different colours. Somehow, it didnt seem so appealing and also she had difficulty in applying the glue. I suggested that she use the cream coloured flower shaped sequins. And, helped her with sticking them. We stuck a few butterflies too and the card was done šŸ™‚ She was so excited that she wanted to go to school the very next day šŸ˜€

Apart from this, the kids also managed to decorate the class. Ammu was not too happy about her role, though. She had to cut strips of cello tape and hand it to those who were actually putting up the decorations šŸ˜€ All this, they have done on their own! I was amazed by this initiative taken by the kids. It brought the realization that indeed Ammu and her friends have grown up!! But, big enough to plan and execute such things?? Maybe, its the kind of exposure that they get these days…


Today, it was Teacher’s day celebrations at her school. She was maha excited that she had to wear ‘colored’ dress to school and that it was a ‘half’ day . The Computer worksheet didnt deter her the least bit šŸ™‚

And, the best thing was, as soon as Ammu woke up, she picked up my phone and called her Karthi chitti [sis1] to wish her šŸ˜€ It was just 6.40 am and I wondered if she would be awake.. but the call had been made even before I realized what was happeneing.. Of course, sis was very happy to be wished first thing in the morning šŸ™‚

On that note, wishing a very happy teachers day to all the teachers!! May they have the energy and enthusiasm to be the guiding light and may they help bring sunshine into the lives of many!!