Card love!

Since school days, I’ve enjoyed making cards. But then, I used to only draw and paint, mostly.  These days, however, there are lots of craft supplies that are readily available. And, lots of ideas and inspiration, thanks to WWW. I’m loving making cards all over again 🙂

Added advantages are .. I can show them off here and get an ego boost 😉 and it inspires Ammu and Adi to make some of their own 🙂 Double bonus!!

Here are a few cards we made in the last couple of months..

Tried my hand at quilling again. This time, with quilling strips. Made this simple card for Sis 2’s birthday in June. I did not use a tool. Just made it by rolling using my fingers. Still a long way to go… needs lot of patience and practice. Have to get the tool for quilling and then try again.

Dora card made by Ammu 🙂 She drew it looking at a tutorial that I had copied from the net, and then, coloured it by herself.

This colourful bouquet.. by Adi and Ammu!! for their favourite chitti 🙂 I helped place the flowers and they stuck them to the card.

This one I made for no one in particular. I had left the centre blank when I made it. And did not have anything in mind for it.  Couple of weeks ago, we were invited to a b’day party of a friend’s 2 year old daughter. Inspired by Ammu’s love for Dora, I stuck a Dora sticker to it. And the kids happily gave this card to their lil friend 🙂

Remember this card that Ammu made for me? The next day she asked me to make a card for her as well.. on the occasion of Varamahalakshmi pooja 😀 And, this is the one I made for her. It now sits pretty in her book shelf ! Can you guess how I made the white flowers that you see here ? These were discarded from the flowers, that I had used in the previous card 🙂 I think they look lovely on the blue card.. isnt it?

BTW, all these craft goodies were gifted to me by Sis2. This is her way of egging me on. Just as you all do.. with your lovely words 🙂 Lucky me 😉

10 thoughts on “Card love!

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  1. Shake hands on the card fascination. The Dora is too cute. Loved the quilling as well. Naisha got one for her birthday and I was more excited than she. Need to get around to it still. Seems a bit technical.


  2. Wow! Loved all of them. 🙂

    How did you make those white flowers? Or you bought them?

    I used to make a lot of cards when I was in school, later stopped doing it. I bought a card making kit last year, but didn’t use it. I think I should do that sometime. It is a nice creative outlet for all your stress. 🙂


    1. Thanks GND! Indeed a stress buster.. has awesome feel good factor 🙂

      The white flowers are the ones that were stuck to the back of the flowers that I’ve used in the pink card. You know like.. when you peel off stickers, you’re left with a white strip. Similar 🙂 I didnt have the heart to throw them away..


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