When wishes come true :)

It takes a child’s innocence to really and completely believe that wishes do come true!!

On the eve of your birthday,you blew a fallen eyelash and made a wish. You told me that you wished to wake up early on your birthday, that each one of us comes home early on that day and the best one was that the day goes by very very slowly 🙂

Simple wishes.. and so full of innocence!!

On your birthday, we had a simple family get together for dinner as usual. And one new friend was invited who was much fussed over by Adi 😀 You all had a fun time before the cake cutting ritual…

After the cake was had along with the potato chips… and bye byes were said to the friend… it rained gifts 😀 And you n Adi were super happy!!

And, after a while you came to me and said ‘Mumma, I’m so lucky that I got so many gifts. But I’m more lucky that I have all of you!!’ I just smiled.. and silently sent a prayer that you”ll stay this way always…

‘And all my wishes are coming true.. I woke up so early! you woke up around 3.15 AM and did not fall asleep again until 4 and then woke up again at 6!! . You came home early 🙂 And the day ..its still not over!!’ … you gushed 🙂

May your sweet lil wishes always come true and may you remain the darling lil girl that you are.. my Ammu chellam 🙂

P.S: It was Ammu’s happ happ happy 8th birthday on the 6th of July.


8 thoughts on “When wishes come true :)

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  1. bless.. many happy returns of the day to the little one .. A very happy birthday

    Kids are amazing , pity we all had to grow up to be adults ..

    that cake loooks yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    GOd bless and lots of love to the little one


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